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If you have a deep desire to study God’s Word but do not have the circumstances to join a seminary or Bible college for a full-time course, the Bible Truths online study program could be just what you’ve been searching for. As an online program, it allows you to delve deep into the Bible truths right from where you are, be it from your home, college hostel, or elsewhere.

The program covers a wide range of theological and practical topics. Each topic is handled by proficient teachers who have been serving the Lord in Kerala, India, and abroad. The syllabus is arranged in such a way that the entire program will be completed within 2.5 – 3 years with 5 classes per week. There are about 35 topics and each topic varies from two to eight weeks in duration.

Exams will be conducted through the website on Sunday evenings covering the entire portions of the previous week. Study materials including the notes of each subject will be provided along with the video classes.

The Bible Truths is funded by voluntary gifts from participants, individuals, and churches. We lay no fee burden on our students but look unto God to meet our various needs relating to video recording, editing, website, hosting, and other expenses. If you feel burdened in your heart to donate for the cause of quality Bible teaching, please contact us on one of the numbers mentioned on the contact page.

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How to register online?

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In order to customize your account’s information, just log in with the provided passcode and change the info. 

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You can contact our help center or any contact method (phone call, email or appear at our office) to get help. 

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